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Top Schools / Colleges League Tables

These tables are for 2013 exam results for independent schools for the UK.

You can view the top 50 or 100 for the category you want by clicking on the relevant gold star. The tables show the results for UCAS tariffs, A levels, GCSEs, International Baccalaureate, Scottish Advanced highers and KS2 SATS (for Preps).

If you are seeking a particular school, which is not in the tables, try a geographical or name search in our "Find a School" section, where you might be able to view their results (but not their ranking if they are outside the top 100).

Within each list you may click on the school for contact details.

Each list contains other information including type of school, day or boarding, school fees (in 6th form).

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Sometimes there are a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or a school will not supply it. In general this applies to lower graded schools in the TOP 100. Sometimes grades improve as a result of appeals on exam results and we will update the data periodically. We encourage all schools to supply corrections or additions (click here).

Note 2. Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school – read our eGuides. Indeed most of the schools in this TOP 100 table are quite selective on their admissions. Be aware your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment – take advice.

Note: We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.