The Top 100 Senior Schools A* and A Grade at A Level

In this section we give you our own assessment of the Top 100 independent senior schools in the UK for 2013. These positions are compiled from the % of A* and A at A levels.

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A + A* %NameDay / BoardBoy / GirlDay £Board £
193.85Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeBothCo edNANA
292.00St Paul's Girls' School - HammersmithDayGirls21,168NA
391.67Magdalen College SchoolDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)NANA
490.61Winchester CollegeBothBoysNA33,750
588.50Westminster School - LondonBothBoys (Co-ed 6th Form)24,39032,490
687.65Guildford High School for GirlsDayGirlsNANA
786.00St Paul's School - LondonBothBoys20,85331,233
885.32Wycombe Abbey School - BuckinghamshireBoardingGirlsNA33,310
983.30Eton CollegeBoardingBoysNA33,270
1083.00Lady Eleanor Holles School - RichmondDayGirlsNANA
1182.72James Allen's Girls' School - DulwichDayGirlsNANA
1282.22St Albans High School for GirlsDayGirls13,680NA
1381.13City of London School for GirlsDayGirlsNANA
1480.77Queen Ethelburga's College - YorkBothCo-edNANA
14 =80.77St Swithun's School - WinchesterBothGirls (Co-ed 3-7)17,65528,290
1680.41Withington Girls School - ManchesterDayGirlsNANA
1780.39Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls - ElstreeDayGirlsNANA
1880.25North London Collegiate School - EdgwareDayGirls16,629NA
1980.13Royal Grammar School - GuildfordDayBoysNANA
2080.08School of St Helen and St Katharine - AbingdonDayGirlsNANA
2179.08Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School - ElstreeDayBoysNANA
2278.54Concord College - ShrewsburyBothCo-edNANA
2377.37Tonbridge School - KentBothBoys25,60234,137
2477.17Godolphin & Latymer School - HammersmithDayGirls17,280NA
2576.47Perse Upper School - CambridgeDayCo-edNANA
2674.19Brighton CollegeBothCo-ed20,31034,500
2773.53Abbey School - ReadingDayGirls13,980NA
2873.43Oxford High School GDSTDayGirls (Co-ed 3-6)NANA
2973.26Merchant Taylors' School - NorthwoodDayBoysNANA
3073.09Eltham CollegeDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)NANA
3172.86City of London School for BoysDayBoysNANA
3272.55Hampton School - MiddlesexDayBoysNANA
3372.11St Mary's School - AscotBoth GirlsNANA
3471.65Alleyn's School - DulwichDayCo-ed15,867NA
3571.63Sir William Perkins's SchoolDayGirlsNANA
3671.53St John's College - CardiffDayCo-edNANA
3771.27Badminton School - BristolBothGirls16,92032,070
37 =71.27Channing School - HighgateDayGirls15,255NA
3971.10Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeBothGirls23,24734,302
4071.07Benenden School - KentBoardingGirlsNA32,400
4171.00Abbey College - CambridgeBothCo-ed24,00039,000
41 =71.00Harrow SchoolBoardingBoysNA33,285
4370.82St Catherine's School - GuildfordBothGirlsNANA
4470.61Royal Grammar School - NewcastleDayCo-edNANA
4570.21Notting Hill & Ealing High SchoolDayGirlsNANA
4669.91Putney High SchoolDayGirlsNANA
4769.44Nottingham High School for GirlsDay GirlsNANA
4869.35Wellington College - BerkshireBothCo-ed24,33032,940
4969.07King Edward VI School - SouthamptonDayCo-edNANA
5068.26St Mary's School - CalneBothGirlsNANA
5167.90Dulwich CollegeBothBoys NANA
5267.08St Albans SchoolDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)NANA
5367.02Canford School - WimborneBothCo-ed23,16629,640
5467.01Loughborough High SchoolDayGirlsNANA
5566.73Hurtwood House - DorkingBothCo-edNANA
5666.67Walthamstow Hall - SevenoaksDayGirlsNANA
5766.55Manchester High School for GirlsDayGirls10,287NA
5866.36Nottingham High SchoolDayBoysNANA
5966.33Highgate School - LondonDayCo-edNANA
6066.30Norwich SchoolDayCo-edNANA
6166.09Oundle School - PeterboroughBothCo-edNANA
6265.14Immanuel College - HertfordshireDayCo-edNANA
6365.10University College School - HampsteadDayBoys (Co-ed sixth form)NANA
6464.75Latymer Upper School - HammersmithDayCo-edNANA
6564.74St Helen's - NorthwoodDayGirls14,370NA
6664.25South Hampstead High SchoolDayGirlsNANA
6764.00Charterhouse School - GodalmingBothBoys (Co-ed 6th Form)23,86532,925
6863.79Malvern St JamesBothGirlsNANA
6963.46Abingdon SchoolBothBoys15,87033,540
7063.28Godolphin School - SalisburyBothGirlsNANA
7163.20King's School - CheshireDayCo-edNANA
7263.00The Grammar School at LeedsDayCo-ed11,691NA
7362.78Bancroft's School - Woodford GreenDayCo-ed14,130NA
7462.77Tormead School - GuildfordDayGirlsNANA
7562.68Grange School - CheshireDayCo-edNANA
7662.44Caterham SchoolBothCo-ed15,69029,277
7762.05Queen Elizabeths Hospital - BristolDayBoysNANA
7861.92King Edward VI High - Girls/ BirminghamDayGirls10,935NA
7961.85King Edward's School - BathDayCo-edNANA
8061.73Moreton Hall School - OswestryBothGirlsNANA
8161.69Downe House School - BerksBothGirlsNANA
8261.03Kingston Grammar SchoolDayCo-edNANA
8360.48Wimbledon High School GDSTDayGirlsNANA
8460.47Central Newcastle High School GDSTDayGirlsNANA
8560.44Maynard School - DevonDayGirlsNANA
8660.23Ruthin SchoolBothCo-ed11,75024,500
8759.93Leicester Grammar SchoolDayCo-edNANA
8859.85St Michael's School - LlanelliBothCo-edNANA
8959.69Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed14,17529,985
9059.54Howell's School Llandaff GDST - CardiffDayGirls (Co-ed 6th Form)NANA
9159.52Streatham & Clapham School GDSTDayGirls (Boys 3-5)NANA
9259.48King's School - CanterburyBothCo-edNANA
9359.41Queen's Gate School - KensingtonDayGirlsNANA
9458.80Trinity School - CroydonDayBoys13,716NA
9558.68Red Maids School - BristolDayGirls11,700NA
9658.60Birkdale School - SheffieldDayBoys but co-ed 6thNANA
9758.37Royal High School - BathBothGirls11,68524,285
9858.24St Dunstan's College - CatfordDayCo-ed14,622NA
9957.88Solihull SchoolDayCo-edNANA
10057.69D'Overbroeck's College - OxfordBothCo-edNANA

Note.1. Sometimes there are a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or a school will not supply it. In general this applies to lower graded schools in the TOP 100. Sometimes grades improve as a result of appeals on exam results and we will update the data periodically. We encourage all schools to supply corrections or additions (click here). Approximately 60 schools have boycotted league tables by refusing to publish exam results in 2011, mainly because they do not want to be compared to state schools offering soft option subjects or through failure of the Government to acknowledge the more stretching IGCSEs. Notwithstanding this we have recorded most of their exam results in our tables. The only school likely to be missing from the top 30 would be Eton College.

Note 2. Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school (read our eGuide on selection factors click here) Indeed most of the schools in this TOP 100 table are quite selective on their admissions. Be aware your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment – take advice.

Note 3. We do not include schools which have less than 20 pupils taking A Levels.

Note: We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.