The Top 100 Co-Educational Senior Boarding Schools by A Levels

In this section we give you our own assessment of the Top 100 co-educational independent senior boarding schools in the UK for 2013. These positions are compiled from the % of A* and A grades scored at A levels. Note that this table EXCLUDES schools taking the International Baccalaureate, which are included in the separate table for IB schools.

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A + A* %NameDay / BoardBoy / GirlDay £Board £
193.85Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeBothCo edNANA
280.77Queen Ethelburga's College - YorkBothCo-edNANA
378.54Concord College - ShrewsburyBothCo-edNANA
474.19Brighton CollegeBothCo-ed20,31034,500
571.00Abbey College - CambridgeBothCo-ed24,00039,000
669.35Wellington College - BerkshireBothCo-ed24,33032,940
767.02Canford School - WimborneBothCo-ed23,16629,640
866.73Hurtwood House - DorkingBothCo-edNANA
966.09Oundle School - PeterboroughBothCo-edNANA
1062.44Caterham SchoolBothCo-ed15,69029,277
1160.23Ruthin SchoolBothCo-ed11,75024,500
1259.69Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed14,17529,985
1359.48King's School - CanterburyBothCo-edNANA
1457.69D'Overbroeck's College - OxfordBothCo-edNANA
1555.91Epsom CollegeBothCo-edNANA
1655.71St Peter's School - YorkBothCo-ed15,39025,185
1754.98City of London Freemen's School - AshteadBoth Co-edNANA
1854.82Rugby SchoolBothCo-edNANA
1954.43Marlborough CollegeBothCo-ed27,42032,280
2054.10Cranleigh School - SurreyBothCo-ed25,95031,830
2154.05Haileybury - HertfordBothCo-ed21,92429,190
2253.71Uppingham School - RutlandBothCo-ed22,00831,569
2353.68Bishop's Stortford CollegeBothCo-ed16,45224,714
2453.10Lancing CollegeBothCo-edNANA
2553.00Cambridge Tutors College - CroydonBothCo-edNANA
2652.50Repton SchoolBothCo-ed22,58430,438
2752.20CATS CanterburyBoardCo-ed17,28032,880
2851.99Bosworth Independent College - NorthamptonshireBothCo-edNANA
2951.90Brentwood SchoolBothCo-ed15,39029,385
3051.52Gresham's School - NorfolkBothCo-ed22,42529,250
3151.06Fettes College - EdinburghBothCo-ed22,17029,160
3250.65Kingswood School - BathBothCo-edNANA
3350.39Bootham School - YorkBothCo-ed15,99027,195
3450.36Dauntsey's School - DevizesBothCo-edNANA
3550.31Oakham School - RutlandBothCo-ed17,62529,355
3650.00Eastbourne CollegeBothCo-edNANA
3749.87St Edward's School - OxfordBothCo-ed25,67132,082
3849.49Ipswich SchoolBothCo-edNANA
3949.02Prior Park College - BathBothCo-edNANA
4048.13Downside School - BathBothCo-edNANA
4147.50Strathallan School - PerthBothCo-ed19,04428,065
4247.31Clifton College - BristolBothCo-ed22,72532,985
4347.06Sidcot School - WinscombeBothCo-ed15,15027,210
43 =47.06Padworth College - ReadingBothCo-edNANA
4546.95CATS CambridgeBothCo-ed22,75536,795
4646.33Chetham's School of Music - ManchesterBothCo-edNANA
4746.23Kimbolton School - HuntingdonBoth (Boarding from 11)Co-ed13,42522,215
4846.22Bradfield College - ReadingBothCo-ed25,75232,190
4946.07Cheltenham CollegeBothCo-ed24,76832,751
5045.28Truro SchoolBothCo-edNANA
5145.27West Buckland School - BarnstapleBothCo-edNANA
5245.00Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College - LondonBothCo-edNANA
5344.86Saint Felix School - IpswichBothCo-edNANA
5444.55Ampleforth College - YorkBothCo-ed20,13330,264
5544.22Ryde School With Upper Chine - Isle of WightBothCo-ed10,87522,440
5643.98Christ College - BreconBothCo-ed15,87024,510
5743.84Kent College - CanterburyBothCo-ed16,26929,736
5843.75Mill Hill School - LondonBothCo-edNANA
5943.33St Bees School - CumbriaBothCo-edNANA
6043.14David Game College - LondonBothCo-ed15,200NA
6143.09Leys School - CambridgeBothCo-ed18,48027,780
6243.00Dean Close School - CheltenhamBothCo-ed21,64530,960
6342.45Denstone College - StaffordshireBothCo-ed13,17622,944
6442.16Stonyhurst College - ClitheroeBothCo-ed16,39229,439
6541.36King's Bruton - SomersetBothCo-edNANA
6641.26New Hall School - ChelmsfordBothCo-edNANA
6741.09Wellington School - SomersetBothCo-ed12,88526,589
6840.76Royal School - Dungannon, NIBothCo-edNANA
6940.55Wells Cathedral School - SomersetBothCo-ed16,00226,778
7040.33Glenalmond College - PerthBothCo-edNANA
7140.24Queen's College - TauntonBothCo-edNANA
7239.38St Edmund's College - WareBothCo-edNANA
7339.00Abbey College - LondonBothCo-ed17,50037,500
7438.74King's College - TauntonBothCo-ed19,14028,440
7538.39Purcell School of Music - WatfordBothCo-edNANA
7638.17Blundell's School - TivertonBothCo-ed18,93029,340
7737.74Wrekin College - TelfordBothCo-ed16,26026,820
7837.50Rendcomb College - CirencesterBothCo-edNANA
7937.19Welbeck - LoughboroughBoardingCo-edNANA
8037.02Loretto School - MusselburghBothCo-edNANA
8137.01Leighton Park School - ReadingBothCo-ed19,08929,730
8236.79Tring Park (formerly Arts Educational School)BothCo-edNANA
8336.73Chelsea Independent CollegeBothCo-edNANA
8436.29Framlingham College - SuffolkBothCo-ed17,37327,029
8535.84Kirkham Grammar School - PrestonBothCo-edNANA
8635.29Ratcliffe College - LeicesterBothCo-edNANA
8735.08Rossall School - LancashireBothCo-ed11,94029,880
8835.00Ashville College - HarrogateBothCo-edNANA
8934.87St Edmund's School - CanterburyBothCo-edNANA
9034.83Lord Wandsworth College - HampshireBothCo-edNANA
9134.09St Joseph's College - IpswichBothCo-edNANA
9234.08Pocklington School - YorkBothCo-edNANA
9433.19King's ElyBothCo-ed18,00932,781
9533.15Bede's Senior School - HailshamBothCo-edNANA
9633.00Wycliffe College - GloucsBothCo-ed17,55028,830
96 =33.00King's School - RochesterBothCo-ed16,63527,000
9832.75Langley School - NorwichBothCo-edNANA
98 =32.75Sutton Valence School - MaidstoneBothCo-edNANA
10031.91Battle Abbey SchoolBothCo-edNANA

Note.1. Sometimes there are a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or a school will not supply it. In general this applies to lower graded schools in the TOP 100. Sometimes grades improve as a result of appeals on exam results and we will update the data periodically. We encourage all schools to supply corrections or additions (click here).

Note 2. Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school (read our eGuide on selection factors click here). Indeed some of the schools in this TOP 100 table are quite selective on their admissions. Be aware your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment – take advice.

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