The Top International Baccalaureate Schools
by average points per pupil

In this section we give you our own assessment of the Top IB Schools in the UK for 2013. These positions are compiled from the average points of sixth formers taking the Diploma Programme of the IB. Note that the IB is still a relatively new qualification for UK schools and many have not been offering it sufficiently long to publish results. The International Baccalaureate Organisation refuses to publish results and we have had to collect these statistics by asking each school individually. We show two league tables – the first for schools with cohort of IB DP students of 15 or more and the second with cohorts of 14 or less. Relatively few schools offer the IB DP exclusively. Most of the smaller IB cohort schools are also offering A levels as an alternative, in which case the IB cohort is often in the minority.

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IB Schools with 15 or more pupil cohorts

NameDay /
Boy /
Day £Board £Cohort
140.1Godolphin & Latymer School - HammersmithDayGirls17,280NA21
1 =40.1King's College - WimbledonDayBoys (Co-ed 6th Form)18,900NA182
339.3Sevenoaks SchoolBothCo-ed21,89733,408199
438.2Wellington College - BerkshireBothCo-ed24,33032,94053
538.0Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeBothGirls23,24734,30217
637.0King Edward's School (Boys) - BirminghamDayBoys11,250NA102
736.8Fettes College - EdinburghBothCo-ed22,17029,16033
836.7St Clare's - OxfordBothCo-ed16,83831,216109
936.6Haileybury - HertfordBothCo-ed21,92429,19049
9 =36.6Malvern College - WorcestershireBothCo-ed21,92734,23987
1136.4Oakham School - RutlandBothCo-ed17,62529,35536
1236.2Southbank International School - Westminster AnnexeDayCo-ed25,230NA55
1336.0Ardingly College - Haywards HeathBothCo-ed22,06529,53541
1435.4Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed14,17529,98525
1535.3Gresham's School - NorfolkBothCo-ed22,42529,25018
1635.0Christ's Hospital - HorshamBothCo-ed18,30028,20028
1734.7Marymount International School - Kingston Upon ThamesBothGirls20,02033,74054
1834.5Bedford SchoolBothBoys16,67428,20028
18 =34.5Worth School - CrawleyBothCo-ed20,94028,95027
18 =34.5ACS Egham International SchoolDayCo-ed21,990NA40
2133.9King William's College - CastletownBothCo-ed19,74628,74654
21 =33.9Marlborough CollegeBothCo-ed27,42032,28020
2333.8Taunton SchoolBothCo-ed16,48527,84027
2433.7Rydal Penrhos - ConwyBothCo-ed14,62529,14525
2533.3Warminster School - WiltshireBothCo-ed13,68028,35019
25 =33.3Felsted School - EssexBothCo-ed20,38528,18522
2733.0Scarborough College - N. YorksBothCo-ed12,61622,88721
27 =33.0St Leonards School - FifeBothCo-ed11,73028,20049
2932.8Windermere SchoolBothCo-ed15,58028,9800
3032.0ACS Cobham International SchoolBothCo-ed23,15040,37088
3131.7CATS CanterburyBoardCo-ed17,28032,88018
3231.0TASIS - The American School in EnglandBothCo-ed20,60035,11033
32 =31.0Rossall School - LancashireBothCo-ed11,94029,88028
3430.8ACS Hillingdon International SchoolDayCo-ed21,490NA31
3530.5King Edward's School - WitleyBothCo-ed19,47027,8250
3630.0Ellesmere College - ShropshireBothCo-ed16,38028,44017
3729.3Cobham Hall - GravesendBothGirls19,10128,73421

IB Schools with up to 14 pupil cohorts

NameDay /
Boy /
Day £Board £Cohort
142.1Stephen Perse Foundation (formerly Perse Girls) - CambridgeDayGirls (Co-ed sixth form)14,505NA0
241.6North London Collegiate School - EdgwareDayGirls16,629NA15
340.9Manchester Grammar SchoolDayBoys11,055NA8
439.1Abbey School - ReadingDayGirls13,980NA14
538.2St Helen's - NorthwoodDayGirls14,370NA6
638.1Manchester High School for GirlsDayGirls10,287NA7
738.0Royal High School - BathBothGirls11,68524,28513
837.3Kent College - CanterburyBothCo-ed16,26929,7366
8 =37.3Portsmouth Grammar SchoolDayCo-ed13,173NA15
1037.0Whitgift School - South CroydonBothBoys16,35631,50011
1136.6St Dunstan's College - CatfordDayCo-ed14,622NA15
1236.0Brentwood SchoolBothCo-ed15,39029,3858
1334.3Sherborne School for GirlsBothGirls21,75029,9409
13 =34.3Bedford Girls' SchoolDayGirls11,445NA12
1533.8Red Maids School - BristolDayGirls11,700NA5
1632.5Plymouth CollegeBothCo-ed14,04026,88010
1732.4Ryde School With Upper Chine - Isle of WightBothCo-ed10,87522,4405
1832.0Leighton Park School - ReadingBothCo-ed19,08929,73013
1931.5Sidcot School - WinscombeBothCo-ed15,15027,21013

Note.1. There are a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or a school will not supply it or it has not offered the IB for long enough to have DP results. For those schools who refuse to supply data, we have to assume they are lower graded schools.

Note 2. Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school (read our eGuide on selection factors click here). Indeed some of the schools in this TOP table are quite selective on their admissions. Be aware your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment – take advice.

Note: We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.