The Top 100 Prep Schools by Key Stage 2 Tests

We have withdrawn our table of top preparatory independent schools. The data we had was based on Key Stage 2 tests, but schools are not obligated to publish these results. Thus, our table ended up listing results based on less than one third of the UK prep schools, thereby making it totally lacking in credibility. Several, national newspapers still publish these results without informing you that the majority of the data is missing. We have taken the decision that the data is so misleading , we should not publish it.

In our opinion the way to judge preparatory schools is the application of a number of checks including (a) leaver destinations (ie senior school placements) , (b) school teaching facilities, (c) personal references from parents and (d) inspection reports. If required we can help you assess target schools via our bespoke advice service at Please be aware that this service is subject to a consultancy fee.

Note: We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.