After a rapid increase in registered cases of the Coronavirus in the last few days, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has urged the public not to overuse National Health Services such as 111 to reduce strain at this difficult time.

Following this, schools around the United Kingdom have been forced to close due to suspected cases of the virus, leading to general confusion as to whether establishments should remain open or send their students home. As a result of this, the Department for Education has created a Coronavirus Helpline for teachers, headteachers and/or school staff to help advise what to do if cases of the virus are suspected.

The DfE have advertised this as 'a helpline offering guidance to anyone with education related questions- from early years up to universities, plus parents'. The helpline is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and alternatively, you can email over your concerns to

Call 0800 046 8687 today to ask for school related advice concerning the coronavirus.

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