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AQA could face class action suit from parents of children who were possibly given 'incorrect' grades

The UK's biggest exam board could face class action from parents, following revelations that answers were being "remarked" by the same examiners. 

Earlier this week it emerged that AQA was handed the biggest ever fine by the exam regulator after it admitted that for three years it failed to ensure that the examiners who remarked questions following an appeal were different to the examiners who had marked them the first time around.

Now the board could face class action from parents who fear their children may have been disadvantaged as a result. 

Shimon Goldwater, a senior solicitor at Asserson - the law firm which represented university students who launched legal action against last year’s lecturer strikes - said a group action might be possible against the examination board.

He said that if parents could show they have experienced financial loss arising from AQA'S failures, they could make a claim. Marking reviews are paid for by schools, so this would only apply where the cost has been passed on to parents. 

Mr Goldwater said: “If there is actual money that you’ve had to lay out because of it...then possibly those expenses you could claim.”

Read more at: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/16/aqa-could-face-class-action-suit-parents-children-possibly-given/

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Home education a 'huge undertaking for parents' - Ofsted

Home education for many families is not a preferred choice but a last resort amid a breakdown in relationships with schools, Ofsted inspectors have warned.

Research by Ofsted found special needs, problems with a child's behaviour or wellbeing were the most common reasons.

England's schools watchdog says parents need better advice about the cost and responsibilities of home educating and should be made aware of alternatives.

Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman said: "Home education is a legitimate parental choice and can be a positive decision when parents are well equipped to provide a good education.

"However, children should not be moved to home education simply to resolve difficulties in school.

"Schools, local authorities and parents need to work together before such a decision is made, to make sure that home education is genuinely in the interests of children and not just the best thing for schools or parents.

"It's vital that parents are fully informed about the alternatives and that they understand all the implications and costs of home educating their child."

Read more at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-50044569