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Daily News Roundup - Independent Schools Council Manifesto 2017

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Independent Schools Council Manifesto 2017 – an introduction

There are over 1,300 independent schools represented by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), educating over 500,000 pupils or 5% of the UK total school population (and a much higher proportion of A-level pupils).

Pupil welfare comes first in ISC schools. We provide first-class learning environments in which student wellbeing and safeguarding are top priorities.

ISC schools in Britain contribute £9.5 billion to the economy annually. ISC schools generate £3.6 billion in tax revenue for the UK each year. The annual saving to the UK taxpayer through the educating of children and young people in the independent sector is approximately £4 billion.

One in every hundred British jobs is supported by independent schools. 88% of ISC schools have a partnership with a state school. 49% of all independent school A-level entries achieved either an A* or an A in 2016 – nearly double the national average of 26%. 130,395 top GCSE grades were awarded to independent school pupils in 2016, 34.5% of all their grades. This is five times higher than the national level of 6.5%.

Quantitative research into soft skills, conducted in 2016, has shown that pupils at ISC schools are more likely to have good attainment, wellbeing and behaviour, more resilience, the ability to deal with setbacks and are more open to learning as a result.

See full manifesto here… https://www.isc.co.uk/media/4092/68538-4.pdf

Why the IB Diploma is More Important Than Ever

Mark Beverley, director of curriculum at Sevenoaks, defends the IB diploma. He argues that an international qualification is as relevant now as it ever has been.

It is too soon to assess the political and cultural impact of Brexit. However it is heartening to note that three-quarters of 18 to 24-year-olds voted to remain. This demonstrates their commitment and desire to be part of a bigger international set-up.

In light of Brexit, our view is that education in the UK needs to become even more European in its outlook in order for our teenagers to prosper in an increasingly global community. The young people who study the IB will share this desire, and with the IB’s focus on global citizenship, we can rest assured that they will inevitably make for model Europeans.


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