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Daily News Roundup - Top China schools test parents for IQ, ancestor’s grades and 'obesity' on enrollment

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Top China schools test parents for IQ, ancestor’s grades and 'obesity' on enrollment 

Parents seeking a coveted place for their children at top Chinese schools are being forced to take tests, prove their ancestor’s academic credentials and even show they are not fat.

At least two private schools in Shanghai, China’s richest and most modern city, have been admonished by authorities for testing parents and carrying out intrusive surveys, while applicants at a third school complained about a ‘fat parent’ criteria.

“They check parent’s body shapes,” a parent applying to Shanghai’s Qibao Foreign Language School bemoaned, according to a screenshot of social media published by thepaper.cn. “The reason is that fat parents display poor self-management skills.”

Private schools – which make up about six per cent of enrolments at Shanghai primary schools - accept students on the basis of interviews and are not permitted to test applicants.


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Private education is growing faster than public education in Africa

With the expectation that one in four young African students—or 66 million—will be enrolled in a private school by 2021, the potential for investment and impact in the sector has “rarely been greater,” a new report declares.

The report, from the investment and advisory firm Caerus Capital, notes that the huge demographic shift in the continent, rapid urbanization, the increased use of technology, and the emergence of a middle class has amplified the role of private education throughout the continent. African governments should formulate policy frameworks and public-private partnerships that would expand access to and improve quality at these institutions, the firm suggests.

Across Africa, the researchers found, 21% of children and young people currently in school are enrolled in a private educational entity. These include for-profit, charitable, non-governmental, faith-based, and community-managed institutions, providing services including primary and secondary education; technical and vocational training; and supplementary after-school or language tutoring.


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