Enquiry Form

Essential First Steps in Choosing An Independent School

  1. Start the process early; allow at least 18 months. This will ensure you have a good range of schools to choose from, plenty of time to visit and time to prepare for any entrance examinations.

  2. Identify the type of educational environment that would best suit the needs of your child: day, boarding, guardian; single sex, co-educational, highly selective or a school for the all rounder.

  3. Does your child have any special requirements: Dyslexia, supported learning, medical conditions?

  4. Do you require the school to be in anywhere particular in the UK? Close to an airport, close to London, commutable distance.

  5. Have copies of school reports available along with any English Language papers sat if English is not your child's first language.

  6. Inform child's current school of your intentions; the Head teacher/Principal will normally be contacted to write a reference.

  7. Be clear about if and when you are able to visit the schools selected. Do you want to visit on an open day or have a more personal tour? - Never rely simply on the shiny brochure or Ofsted report.

  8. We advise families to visit five or six schools during term time rather than during the holidays. This way you get to see what the school is like on a day to day basis and you will also get a chance to speak to members of staff and current students.