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German has overtaken French to become the language most sought after by employers despite the subject plummeting in popularity at schools, a survey has found

Job vacancies specifying German language skills as a requirement rose by 11.6 per cent over the past three years, to 1,221 postings per million, according to Indeed, the recruitment agency. Those seeking French speakers increased by only 1 per cent, to 1,152.

Generally, demand for linguists has risen by 2.7 per cent since 2016 among employers, despite fewer pupils taking foreign language GCSEs and A levels. German has fared particularly badly amid the language crisis, with many schools dropping it at A level and some at GCSE. More teenagers now take Chinese than German A level.

Indeed said that the findings raised the spectre of a skills gap, with greater demand for linguists and dwindling supply. The problem is exacerbated by a slowing in EU migration, it said.

Chinese was in third place, thanks to a 35 per cent rise in jobs that require speakers of the language since 2016. It was followed by Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. However, there was growth in demand only for the top three, plus Italian.

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It is up to primary schools in England to choose what they teach about same-sex relationships, the education secretary has said

Damian Hinds has written to head teachers saying they are encouraged to teach children about LGBT issues if they "consider it age appropriate".

He said heads should consult parents but reassured them parents had no right to veto what was taught.

It follows protests over the content of lessons in some schools in Birmingham.

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