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Independent Sixth Form Colleges - What is the benefit?

There is no denying that the sixth form years from age 16-18 are particularly important. For most it is the pivotal final step before university so it is essential that students find the environment that will enable them to succeed.

For many young people, whether coming from the state or private sectors, or indeed from schools overseas, a private Sixth Form College can be a perfect solution.

What are independent sixth form colleges like?

Independent Sixth Form Colleges have a number of common characteristics. It is true that they are less formal than a traditional school but academically they are just as rigorous and there is special attention paid to study skills, which covers such topics as examination technique, essay-writing and note-taking - everything in fact that is needed to ensure that students are fully prepared for the demands of the examination system.

There is a wide range of subjects available and as timetable constraints are not as rigid as in a school catering for a much greater age range, subjects can usually be combined to suit the individual student's needs and requests.

Do the colleges provide accommodation?

Socially these colleges have a mixture of day and residential students and they can vary in size from about 50 to 400 students. Class sizes are small, enabling students to receive plenty of personal attention and most colleges have good library facilities and also well-equipped science laboratories.

Is a sixth form college the right environment for my child?

It is always important to consider the type of environment that a student is likely to thrive in. Some will relish the demands of a highly academic school, but others are likely to do better with more support and less pressure. A lot of colleges are not selective in their intake, and this is one of their greatest strengths. These college will more than often improve the grades of students by two levels. As well as  the focus on study skills almost all colleges will have dedicated counsellors and higher education mentors, who are invaluable when it comes to gaining entry to universities across the globe.

How can I choose the right independent sixth form college?

As independent and impartial education consultants with years of experience, we are here to help students and families make the best decision when it comes to choosing from the variety of independent sixth form colleges. We work on an impartial basis with all the private colleges in the UK and base our recommendations solely on the requirements of our clients and the ability and subject preferences of the student.