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Private school pupils earn 10 per cent more by the time they are 25, study finds

Private school pupils earn 10 per cent more by the time they are 25 even if they do not have better grades than their state educated peers, a study has found.

Alumni of fee-paying schools are also more likely to have “high-status” occupations by this age, according to academics at University College London’s Institute of Education.

Researchers analysed data from the Next Steps cohort study, which followed the progress of over 4,800 people who were born in 1990.

They found that the average annual salary of a 25-year-old who had gone to a private school was £28,974 while the average salary of their state educated peers was £20,857-a-year, a difference of 35 per cent.

Read more at: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/11/07/private-school-pupils-earn-10-per-cent-time-25-study-finds/

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Labour manifesto to include private school tax hike

A policy to strip private schools of their charitable status will be included in the Labour Party election manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed. 

Asked whether the policy would be in Labour's manifesto today, Mr Corbyn said that, although the manifesto hasn’t been finalised yet, "at the very least" it would pledge to end private schools' charitable status.

Answering questions after a speech to party members in Shropshire, he said: "The manifesto will be launched a little later on – it isn't all finished and in writing yet.

"The conference policy has been passed and some of that conference policy will go into the manifesto.

“I can say that at the very least…we will be expecting those in private education, those private educational establishments to pay tax rather than get charitable status."

Charitable status provides tax relief and reduced business rates for eligible organisations.

Read more at: https://www.best-schools.co.uk/our-services/blog/private-school-children-can-get-up-to-two-grades-higher-in-a-levels-than-state-school-peers-study-finds/

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