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Students across Scotland are receiving their exam results

The waiting is finally over this week for thousands of students, as they learn of their Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) exam results today.

Nearly half of the 133,000 candidates have asked for their results to be sent by email or text message. The rest will have to wait for their certificate to arrive in the post later in the day.

The qualifications agency, the SQA, said there were more than 630,000 course entries from the 133,000 candidates.

Students who sat National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers will find out their results on Tuesday.

Candidates for National 4 qualifications are also receiving their results on Tuesday, although they did not involve formal exams. Students will also get results for National 2 and Skills for Work courses.

Read more at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49236257

On SQA results day, a top Scottish school head reassures students that - whatever their grades - there are always options

Dorothy MacGinty, head of Kilgraston School in Perthshire, Scotland explains “we all hope that students achieve the grades they desire but many obstacles can get in the way of achieving an anticipated grade: illness during exams, recent bereavement, sudden panic, anxiety about making the grade or even just blundering an exam by misreading a high-mark question.

So, what should students and parents do if that first-choice place is not achieved?

The initial port of call is their school.

Headteachers receive results prior to the students and will have already discussed any shortfalls with colleagues by results day. Their collective advice on the next step is crucial.

Most frequently, if grades have been only narrowly missed, students will be advised to speak to the university admissions team in the relevant department, requesting an offer reconsideration, particularly if there were mitigating circumstances. Original offers may still be confirmed.

It is essential that the student makes the call and is well prepared to sell their own application. Forward planning is key to success: make a list of possible courses you would consider with contact details of admissions tutors.

Secondly, careful consideration should be given to the reserved offer, and often that is a highly successful outcome.

Thirdly, consider clearing through Ucas. Many times, I have witnessed students go through this process, initially because of disappointment, subsequently finding a course and university that they actually prefer above their first-choice.

Universities run helpful clearing helplines on results day, but to be “ahead of the game” you need to be prepared: think of those 60,100 students who found undergraduate courses through clearing in 2018.

Consider proposals very carefully. Don’t panic and choose the first offer, as this route could determine your path through life. Make sure it is the style of university you want – for example, campus or city? – and ask yourself whether embarking on the new course could, if desired, lead you to further topic study.

Read more at: https://www.tes.com/news/dont-panic-if-your-exam-grades-fall-short

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