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Teenager from London council estate wins £76,000 scholarship to study at Eton

A teenager from east London who shares a two-bedroom council flat with his parents and two brothers has won a £76,000 scholarship to study at Eton.

Hasan Patel currently lives in Leyton, east London will start at the prestigious school in September. He is a pupil at George Mitchell School but is planning to study A-levels in history, geography, politics and drama when he gets to Eton.

He won his place at the school after a gruelling three-day assessment that included three entrance exams, seven interviews and a group interview.

Last year Hasan became the youngest ever speaker at a political party conference when he made a speech at to Labour members in September.

His headteacher, Saeed Hussain, described Hasan as a “truly exceptional young man”. “Aside from being incredibly bright he is one of the most engaged and motivated students I have known in my years of teaching,” he said. “He is the type of person who will seize this opportunity. His is a name I expect we will be hearing more of in the future.”

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/education/hasan-patel-eton-scholarship-labour-party-speech/

The highest graduate starting salary has hit £60,000 for the first time, an annual survey has found.

Investment banks offer the most lucrative jobs for university leavers with average first year salaries of £47,000, according to a report published by High Flyers Research. 

Last year graduates were being lured into investment banks with salaries upwards of £50,000 but year is the first time they are being offered up to £60,000.

The report, called The Graduate Market in 2019, found that graduates who take a job at Aldi can expect a starting salary similar to those who head to the world's top law firms.

The £44,000 pay packet of the budget supermarket's graduate scheme, which also includes a company Audi, is on par with similar programmes at the law firms Baker McKenzie and Allen & Overy, which both offer £45,000.

The report discovered a 9.1 per cent year-on-year increase in graduate vacancies for 2019 but predicted the average starting salary to remain unchanged since 2015, at £30,000.

Read more at: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2019/01/21/highest-graduate-starting-salary-hits-60000-firsttime/