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Bellerbys College Cambridge

Bellerbys College Cambridge is one of 3 Bellerbys campuses owned by global education provider Study Group. The Cambridge College is the group’s specialist for STEM subjects, with a recent, expensive refurbishment setting the college up with the latest labs and equipment to focus on the sciences and engineering.

The wholly international contingent is led by science-enthusiast Principal, Nicholas Waites, with his team of subject specialist teachers also being experts in helping international students acclimatise to the language and independent study skills UK universities are looking for.

The Bellerbys group of colleges specialises in helping international students reach the top-ranking British universities, so small class sizes and expert support are par for course. International students are often averse to rugby or cricket, so extra-curricular clubs and activities are very much geared towards students’ interests. In the case of Bellerbys College Cambridge, that is robotics, science, and engineering, so the college has formed strong links with Cambridge University, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and thriving local science businesses to give their students the most relevant exposure to STEM in the real world.


Would Bellerbys College Cambridge be suitable for my child?

Bellerbys College Cambridge is non-selective, and has the courses and resources in place to support the most able, as well as those who need greater levels of support in both academics or English language. Language courses, intensive GCSEs and A-levels are all available. For those looking for a fast-track programme to university STEM courses, the Bellerbys international foundation programme is one of the most widely accepted and well-respected international foundation courses in the UK.

Bellerbys College Cambridge is best for international students who are passionate about STEM, and are already committed to a future in this field. They will need to be excited about studying in a multi-cultural environment, and not interested in the traditional British boarding school experience. This college is for budding scientists and mathematicians, who are looking for the platform and resources to drill further into their areas of academic expertise, and reach the best possible university destinations.

How can I apply to Bellerbys College Cambridge?

Students should be age 15 and above, and of an international background. Early applicants with strong academics can be rewarded with generous scholarships, though it is always worth enquiring at any time to see what courses and enrolment dates will fit what a student is looking for.

Parents of international students looking for advice on the quickest or strongest path to university should contact us to discuss whether Bellerbys College Cambridge will fulfil their requirements.