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Bethany School

Set deep in the rural Kent countryside, Bethany School is relatively small (around 400 students) with a fair mix of full and weekly boarders, and a strong reputation amongst local parents. Despite this, it is not to be mistaken for a provincial school, with strong recent investment to upgrade facilities, and a well-developed international contingent.

It has a strong Christian ethos, though welcomes all faiths and none. A friendly and welcoming atmosphere runs throughout the school, with enthusiastic and approachable teachers led by the popular and respected Head, Francie Healy.


Would Bethany School be good school for my child?

Bethany is a good fit for students who thrive in a warm and more intimate school community. It caters for a range of student abilities so, whilst highly academic students are pushed to achieve, the school aims to provide a well-rounded education for all-comers. Artistic and creative students do particularly well. It is not an academic hot-house so, providing the right attitude is displayed, it is unlikely to cut students adrift if they’re not on track for a full set of A*s. Strong learning support and ESL departments, plus a range of BTECs in 6th form, illustrate the school’s commitment to offering opportunity and support to its family of students. 

How do I apply to Bethany School?

Boarding begins at age 11+ and the school’s other main entry points are in Years 9 and 12. It is reasonably flexible with deadlines, and will consider students outside of these entry points, depending on availability and whether it is the right fit for the student.

To discuss Bethany School’s suitability for your child further, please contact us for a free initial consultation.