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Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School is widely recognised as the best IB Diploma school in the UK, almost always featuring as the Top IB boarding school in our tables. Located in an affluent Kentish town, well within an hour of London, Sevenoaks School proves a highly attractive prospect for both domestic and international students who aspire to achieve top grades in a progressive, international environment.

Sports and Arts are incredibly well catered for, with superb, modern facilities in abundance. Boarders and day pupils are well-integrated, as you would expect in a school with a school with a truly global cohort.

Sevenoaks School is an exceptional environment in which academically gifted and open-minded students can flourish.

Would Sevenoaks School be a good fit for my child?

Whilst the expert teachers are dedicated and pastoral support is more than sufficient, Sevenoaks is not the school for children in great need of tradition, structure, discipline, or mollycoddling.

Sevenoaks School had a truly progressive ethos, expecting and encouraging students to be self-sufficient, self-motivated, and responsible. The environment is mature, liberal, secular, and outward-looking.

Needless to say, Sevenoaks School is really best suited to academic high-fliers.

A-levels are not offered in 6th form, so Sevenoaks School is best suited for students with a commitment to taking the IB Diploma at age 16+.

How do I apply to Sevenoaks School?

Competition for places is exceptionally high, particularly in 6th form.  Sevenoaks School is strict on application deadlines, and your child’s profile should be as strong as possible before you make first contact. All are free to apply, but relatively few are successful.

We would gladly offer initial feedback and advice on your child’s prospects of making a successful application.

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