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Preparatory Schools

In this section of the website we look at choosing an independent preparatory (prep) or pre-preparatory (pre-prep) school for your child. Prep schools cover the age range from 7-11 or 7-13. The pre-prep years are usually from 3 to 7. Some prep schools are attached to their own senior schools which children will be able to attend until the age of 18, in which case they are called an "all-through" school.

Find a School - This section of our website is supported by a database of every independent school in the UK. If you enter the town or county in the location box, it will tell you all the schools in your area. Then if you click on the name of the school it will take you to a short profile of that school.

League Tables - We used to have league tables of prep schools based on SATS results but it reached the stage where two thirds of prep schools refused to divulge their SATS figures and we decided the tables were meaningless. Now we rely on leaver destinations (i.e. where the pupils secure their preferred senior school) and use this information on our bespoke placement assignments. At the moment we are publishing two prep school league tables which cover the top  schools in the Greater London area as well as the top boarding preps. These are listed on our specialist prep site

Expert assistance in finding a Prep School – Please use our standard Enquiry Form to enter your requirements.

Boarding Preps - Most boarding preps do not take boarders until age 7 or 8. Furthermore a lot of them do not take boarders at weekends making the schools unsuitable for full boarders from overseas. We recommend you talk to us directly about your requirements.

eGuide on Choosing a Prep School – we have written a free eGuide on how to choose an independent prep / pre-prep school, including factors other than academic performance. A fuller eGuide, which also includes a 30-point questionnaire to help you evaluate your shortlist, is provided to our bespoke clients whom we are advising on prep school choice.

Click here to go to prep schools eGuide.

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