Advice for A-level results day

Advice for A-level results day Simple advice on what to do next

Some of you will no doubt be anxiously awaiting your child’s A-level results in what has been a quite astonishing year.
Given the noise surrounding the latest change in policy, we thought it pertinent to send a message of encouragement and positivity for results day. It's not all bad news!
What grades will my child end up with?
The latest “triple lock” policy means that your child will effectively be able to choose their best results from the following:
1)     Centre assessment grades, released on Thursday 13th August
2)     Mock exam results taken earlier this year
3)     Optional exams scheduled for this Autumn
Whilst there is inevitable outcry about this, there is a valid argument that this could be good news for a lot of students.
How could this be good news?
There are fewer 18 year olds this year than in typical previous years. It is also anticipated that the total enrolment of international students will decline this year, for obvious reasons.
The prediction is that lower demand for places will benefit students intending to enrol as undergraduates this year. Put simply, students may well find that universities are willing to be more flexible on entrance requirements than previous years.
What should we do when we receive results?
Take your time. If results do not quite meet your child’s university offers, discuss things with their school or college and, if appropriate, contact universities directly to question any adverse decisions.
Remember that UCAS’s clearing system could well provide a few gems, and the adjustment scheme could provide exciting alternatives for those who overachieved.
Schools should be able to advise on the best course of action, particularly if you need them to register your child for the Autumn retakes. 
How can Education Advisers help?
If all results are significantly lower than expected, and your child does not have confidence that things would be different in Autumn examinations, then a 1 year A-level retake programme at a top sixth form college could be a great option. We know all the best options for any particular student, so please call us on + 44 1622 813870 or email to ask for our prompt and impartial advice.