We can help you find a private school
We can help you find a private school

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How to find a UK Private School

By name or location

On this site we list all the UK day and boarding private schools for all ages, with the exception of very small schools or nurseries.

If you are looking for a day school in a particular area, you can search by location or the school name in our school search engine. You can then click on the school’s name to see a brief profile.

From a profile, you can request a prospectus from up to five schools. You can also submit an enquiry about a particular school, and we will contact you with further advice.

Most UK-based parents start with a location search, though it is quite possible there may not be any schools within easy travelling distance and you may have to consider different locations or a boarding school instead. In areas of high demand, availability of places can also be an issue.

With about 2,000 UK private schools, it can be very easy to find lots of schools, especially when some counties have more than 100. However, many parents get confused by the enormous choice and application procedures, so please consider making use of our expert advice service.

By academic ranking

You can see a school’s academic record for senior examinations by perusing our league tables. If a school is not in one of the league tables, you can revert back to the school search engine and compare their results (if available) with those of schools in the relevant league table.

Please note that academic ranking, whilst an interesting starting point, should not be solely used to decide which is the best-fitting school for your child. 

Finding the best-fitting school

This takes a lot more time and effort. Please contact us for an initial discussion about how to find the best private day or boarding school for your child.

If you are just starting your private school search, you will find one of our free eGuides very useful. We have several guides including "How to Choose the Right Boarding School" and "How to get into Medical School."

Please download these or enquire to request a free copy.

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