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How to search for a UK Private School

On this site we list all the UK day and boarding private schools for all ages. You can find a school by entering your preferred location or the school name into the school search section. You can then click on the school’s name to see a brief profile.

This section also allows you to request a prospectus from up to five schools.

You can see a school’s academic record for senior examinations by perusing our league tables. If a school is not in one of the league tables, you may be able to see its results in its profile in the “school search” section. You can then compare these numbers with the relevant league table to see how they compare with schools in the table.

Most parents start with a location search, but it is quite possible there may not be any schools within easy travelling distance and you may have to consider different locations or a boarding school instead.

With about 2,000 UK private schools, it is very easy to find lots of schools, especially when some counties have more than 100 schools. However, many parents get confused by the enormous choice – so why not make use of our expert advice service?

Our bespoke advisory service on private school choice is carried out by our very experienced consultants. We pride ourselves on providing impartial advice to find schools which best suit your child. This allows us to consider any of the 2000+ UK private schools, whereas many international education agents use a panel of fewer than 25 schools which pay them financial incentives.

We regularly visit hundreds of UK private schools and make our own assessment of their suitability – so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice by completing an Enquiry Form or by calling us on +44 1622 813870.