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Eton College Temporarily Takes in Key Workers' Children

Eton College is leading the way in British boarding schools' efforts to contribute to the community's fight against COVID-19. Since the 23rd March, Eton has opened its doors to provide free education to the children of key workers, despite typically charging its' students £42,000 a year. The college will remain open even during the Easter holidays in order to teach children between five and thirteen whose parents are essential to the day to day functioning of society. 

Eton College and its staff have developed diverse and interesting classes for these students including art, film studies and drama and will be offering free housing to key workers, like medical professionals, who cannot return home due to self-isolation from their families. In addition to this, the school plans to utilise its facilities to provide meals for these students as well as those who receive free school meals during term time. 

A quote from Headteacher, Simon Henderson:

'We feel very strongly that it is important for Eton to help in this way at a time of national need when we have the resources to enable this’.

Eton will also provide free online courses for secondary schools nationally, via their online platform EtonX. 

If you are considering applying to Eton College or another private school in the UK, please contact us here for advice.

Read more: https://www.tatler.com/article/eton-college-will-educate-key-workers-children