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Partnerships in independent schools - positive outcomes for all

Nicola Huggett, head of Cheltenham College, writes about the many benefits associated with cross-sector partnership working.

Pupils and staff at Cheltenham College and their peers at our partner schools have learned the importance of collaboration, community and giving. They have developed new skills and shared their own talents, to the benefit of everyone. They have learned those ‘money can’t buy’ life lessons as part of this work.

Users of the services provided by our partner organisations have benefited from our partnerships through the time and finance given and the positive outcomes that this has achieved. Lives have been changed. Everyone involved in our partnership working has grown, developed and been helped in some way.

So if you need a ‘real’ definition of partnership for independent schools to use in your report for the governing body or to inspire your staff or pupils, please feel free to use this much more apt variation:

Partnerships – “a range of fun, inspiring and life-changing projects that are the right thing to do; enriching us all as individuals and allowing our communities to flourish.”

Read more at: https://www.isc.co.uk/media-enquiries/isc-blogs/partnerships-in-independent-schools-positive-outcomes-for-all/

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Charity Calls for Free Private School Places for Disadvantaged Pupils

Overhauling the private school system to allocate places to disadvantaged children based on academic achievement not money is among demands being made ahead of the general election by social mobility charity The Sutton Trust.

The charity wants to see 40,000 independent school places opened up to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who cannot afford fees.

The move is part of its Mobility Manifesto pledges that the charity wants to see adopted by political parties ahead of December's general election, to break down social mobility barriers faced by disadvantaged pupils.
The charity stops short of calling for legislation to force independent schools to give greater access to children from disadvantaged communities.

Instead it says: "Independent schools should be opened up, on a voluntary basis, to pupils from all backgrounds."

According to the charity more than half of those in top professional jobs were educated in independent schools. These charge more than £14,000 a year in fees on average, but currently only one per cent of private school pupils receive bursaries to cover fees.

It is calling for the government-backed Open Access scheme to ensure independent day schools can admit more pupils from all backgrounds.

Ten private schools, including Westminster and St Pauls, have already signed up to the scheme, which plans to open up 1,000 places to pupils who cannot afford fees.

The charity wants this to be rolled out across 100 private schools, with 40,000 pupils, who cannot afford fees and from disadvantaged backgrounds, offered places.

Read more at: https://www.cypnow.co.uk/news/article/election-2019-charity-calls-for-free-private-school-places-for-disadvantaged-pupils

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