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Schools received no new funding in today's Spring Statement.

Chancellor Philip Hammond instead prioritised an immediate £100 million for police to tackle knife crime, and made announcements about new housing and the environment.

However, he did confirm that the government would fund free sanitary products in secondary schools and colleges in England from the next school year.

Mr Hammond said he will decide in the spending review how to share the proceeds from any "deal dividend", if the UK leaves the EU with a deal, between increased spending on public services, capital investment and keeping taxes low.

In response, Labour's shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, told MPs: "We have just witnessed a display by the chancellor of this government's toxic mix of callous complacency over austerity and its grotesque incompetence over the handling of Brexit.

"Whilst teachers are having to pay for the materials their pupils need, working parents are struggling to manage as schools close early, their children are sent home, 5,000 of our fellow citizens will be sleeping in the cold and wet on the streets tonight."

He said that Mr Hammond had turned up "with no real end or reversal of austerity".

Today's statement came amid increasing concerns about school funding.

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Exam timetables and key dates for the 2019 GCSEs

With five different exam boards across the UK, navigating your way through the internet to find the various dates can be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming. TES have gathered all the GCSE timetables for each qualification for summer 2019 for your ease. 

The majority of exam board timetables begin on Monday 13 May and finish between Wednesday 19 and Friday 21 June.

GCSE results will be published on Thursday 22 August 2019. 

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