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Cambridge Tutors College

Conveniently located a short walk from East Croydon station, Cambridge Tutors College occupies a park-side campus in an affluent suburb just 20 minutes from central London.

Founded as a tutorial college, Cambridge Tutors College offers an incredibly flexible and personalised curriculum for a healthy mix of domestic and international students, from GCSE level onwards. Boarding is available from age 15, currently in spacious, single, ensuite rooms, or local homestay families. Plans are afoot to build brand new boarding facilities.

The majority of its 200 students are in 6th form, so the college’s focus is very much on providing the best individual learning plans to help students progress onto the top-ranked universities. Despite being non-selective on enrolment, and able to support EAL and mild learning difficulties, academic results are excellent. Cambridge Tutors College regularly features in the top 10 of our private 6th form college league table, based on A-level results.

This success is in part down to the small class sizes (average of 6 students per class,) which facilitates excellent personalised support for each student. The small, relaxed, community feel of the place belies the amount of intense work put in by students and teachers alike, with weekly exam practice compulsory in every subject. Students are therefore expertly drilled and prepared for exam day.

Would Cambridge Tutors College be suitable for my child?

Whilst there is a definite caring, family feel to the college, there is no getting away from the fact it is a 6th form college, not a boarding school. It is not suitable for families looking for the traditional British boarding school experience. That said, it is a quieter, leafier alternative to the 6th form colleges located right in the centre of London, allowing students access to the big city, but without being subject to constant distractions.

Cambridge Tutors College is best suited to students looking for a more liberal stepping-stone towards university. There is a great focus on academics, and on forging connections with like-minded students from the UK, EU and further afield.

It is not academically selective upon entry, but students need to understand they will be treated as young adults, and are expected to take a great degree of responsibility for their academic development and personal wellbeing.

For students possessing a mature and determined attitude, Cambridge Tutors College can provide the perfect platform to overachieve academically, develop independent study skills, and progress on to some top university destinations.


How can I apply for Cambridge Tutors College? 

Cambridge Tutors College is flexible on entry points and timelines, subject to availability of places and mutual suitability of  student and college. Finding the best match of academic programmes is the key initial requirement, which in turn informs the best pathway towards each student’s university goals. Please call us to discuss your child’s end goal, and we can advise on whether Cambridge Tutors College will be able to help them achieve this.