During this difficult time of quarantine, we have watched our key workers continue on bravely, and all had to adapt to living, working and educating from home. Read on to find our Education Advisers top tips for parents and students to enduring lockdown. 

Keep a Daily Routine

It is essential to maintain a daily routine as if still in school, in order to maintain some normality and encourage students to be productive. Make sure to start each day with a good breakfast and a clear idea of what the day ahead involves.

Try Virtual Activities

School is more than just education in many ways, as children are included in social and developmental practices such as clubs, physical education and more creative outlets. Try to consider online ways to include these concepts into your daily routine and encourage creativity as well as required schooling.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

In order to encourage students to focus and not be distracted by the comforts of being within their home, try to create a clear workspace away from all distractions that they can utilise during school hours. Ideally this will be somewhere quiet, not too comfortable and central to the home so that students can ask for help or advice.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular short breaks can be as essential to students learning as the rest of these tips, as it creates a balance of work and relaxation and allows students to digest work in healthy amounts. Creating a plan for the day with these small breaks and a lunch time included will help students maintain motivation. 

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