To investigate the importance of music education, Reigate Grammar School recently compared students' A-level exam results with the percentage of students who are able to, or are learning to play a musical instrument. In an article detailing these efforts, IE explains that according to The BPI (British Phonographic Industry) musical education has increased by 7% within independent schools, compared to a decrease of 21% in state schools.

After evaluating the statistical data of their students, Reigate Grammar School found that 'More than half (58%) of students learning to play more than one instrument at an independent school in Surrey achieved an A* in their A-levels in 2018' and 'Thirty-six percent of students who learnt a musical instrument achieved A*s in their A-levels, while the figure was 28 percent for non-musicians. Similarly, 43% of musical instrument-learning students achieved A grades, but only 36 percent of non-musicians.'

Perhaps learning an instrument could be a worthwhile activity during this time of social isolation.  

Shaun Fenton, Headteacher at Reigate Grammar School discussed stated: 

'It is data like this that reaffirms my commitment to provide a wealth of musical opportunities in the curriculum, through learning an instrument, through choirs and ensembles, through house events and more,” said Shaun Fenton, Head of Reigate Grammar School.'

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