With many curriculums across the UK focusing highly on science, technology, engineering, arts and maths, many independent schools nationwise are offering STEAM education to pupils or even developing their own STEAM centres within their facilities. In an article with IE, Douglas Robb, Headmaster of Gresham's School, argues that this approach to grouping learning offers a productive combination to those who enjoy creative courses, whilst simultaneously introducing 'rigour'. These courses offer artistic freedom with the application of scientific or technology based content. To look more deeply at the process of STEAM learning, CLICK HERE. 

Talbot Heath, an independent girls' school in Bournemouth, has introduced its own STEAM Hub, which took 15 months to develop at a cost of £7.6M. This hub contains a large auditorium which can be utilised in the form of lecture theatres, a VR (virtual reality) space, a performance area and more. There is also the integration of holographic equipment, allowing digital light installations to become part of the building's design and the pupils' learning.

Gresham's School has also begun the construction of their own centre which should be ready for teaching from September 2021. Sir James Dyson donated £18.75m to the school for this construction, titling itself The Dyson Building and being designed by Dyson's own architects. Mr Robb, the headmaster at Gresham's School stated, 'It’s a traditional British thing to say you’re either an artist or a scientist, which can push you away from the other educational area.'

Read the rest of the IE article here: https://ie-today.co.uk/Article/building-for-the-future-with-steam/

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