Throughout the recent term during lockdown, schools across the UK have been providing online education to many of their students and with that, attempting to keep pupil's lives as close to normality as possible. Brentwood School has put an extra focus on ensuring that their students maintain their creativity, and is providing excting projects for them to do so. The school itself has staged over 50 performances in acting, dance, and music during this time and have created a playlist on YouTube of their efforts.

Following this, Matthew Bulmer, the Director of performing arts at Brentwood School, collaborated with IE-Today to offer his advice on how best to host and promote creative courses whilst students continue to learn online. 

Firstly, Mr Bulmer explains that with each performance planned, the school uses the 'premiere' feature on YouTube and the build up of teasers and trailers to build engagement and excitement for the release of productions. This creates a balance of engagement and entertainment for the students. 

He also explains that it is fundamental, as a teacher, to be explicit with instructions to the pupils - as it is difficult to remedy if the recoring quality is not up to scratch. 

At Brentwood School, Mr Bulmer explains that they encourage the introduction and use of new technologies. Whilst they use Final Cut Pro X and Logic and make the most of their free trials on offer, he explains that most simple editing programmes will work fine. 

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