Whilst the government set guidelines for schools to begin reopening on the 1st of June, it appears that schools themselves are taking a cautious approach to reopening their doors. Only 35% of schools have, so far, chosen to adopt the full reintegration guidelines set by the government. According to a National Education Union survey of almost 11,000 primary schools, 44 per cent of schools chose not to reopen to more pupils. 21 percent of schools reportedly did increase their intake, however not to the lengths set out in the government's guidelines.  

This poll follows the news that, in Wales, schools will reopen on June 29 for a four-week term ending on 27 July, on staggered days so that not all students are in at the same time. Scotland and Northern Ireland have still stated that their schools will remain closed until August. 

Breaking this information down into regions, just 12 per cent of schools in the North East and 8 per cent in the North West – where levels of coronavirus are currently higher – opened fully to all eligible year groups in their school. Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the NEU, said: 

"Our survey shows that this continues to be a complex, challenging situation for schools. Heads, teachers and support staff are using their professional judgement, working with the children they teach in circumstances where official guidance has been published long after planning needs to start."

The survey did state however that, 'by the end of this week, an additional 6 per cent of schools will have opened more widely, but more than two-thirds of them to less than the eligible set of year groups.'

Read more about the survey here: https://www.tes.com/news/coronavirus-schools-reopening-44-schools-did-not-open-more-widely-1-june

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