It's time to submit registrations for next year's sixth form enrolment

Many parents and students will be thinking of their options for September 2022's enrolment at age 16+. If you are considering British private schools, day or boarding, it is important you keep on top of the timelines involved.

The start of A-levels, the IB Diploma, or BTECs is a time of great sudent movement. The more popular schools can receive 5 to 10 applications for every available space, and competition for places can therefore be incredibly competitive. 

Whilst it will certainly be possible to find spaces well into 2022, the most popular and competitive schools will have already confirmed their enrolments by then and have long waiting (reserve) lists. All schools have slightly different timelines and procedures but, in general, they will hold entrance assessments and interviews in October and November THIS YEAR

If you have not yet started the process, please email us or give us a call for a free 20 minute consultation. Once we understand more about your child's circumstances and objectives, we can outline a suitable strategy and offer further assistance in finding the best-fitting schools and making sure applications are as strong as possible.

You might also find our recorded webinars on "Choices at 16+", "Using League Tables", and "Getting into Medical School" useful resources. Please find these on our youtube channel

We'll leave you with details of 16+ regsitration deadlines for some of the most popular schools. Please keep in mind that these are often the most competitive to get into. We would always recommend having suitable alternatives lined up and, with such a wide and varied range of schools to choose from, would also recommend you seek professional advice on suitability before committing the registration fees and preparing your child for what lies ahead.

Some 16+ (sixth form) registration deadines for Sept 2022 enrolment:

Westminster School - 30th September 2021

Wellington College - 30th September 2021

Epsom College - 18th October 2021

Brighton College - "late October" 2021

Caterham School - 29th October 2021

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