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A new YouGov poll ranks computing as the most important subject after English and maths at secondary school

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A new YouGov poll ranks computing as the most important subject after English and maths at secondary school

Creative-arts subjects, such as drama, music and art and design are considered the least important subjects for pupils to study at secondary school, a new poll reveals.

By contrast, computing is ranked the most important subject after English and maths, according to the survey.

The poll of 1,648 adults, conducted by YouGov, reveals that only 8 per cent believe that it is very important that pupils study drama at secondary school. This is fewer than all other subjects apart from Latin and classics.

Only 15 and 16 per cent think that it is very important to study music and art and design respectively.

By contrast, 84 per cent of people judge studying English to be very important for secondary pupils. And 83 per cent think that the study of maths is very important.

Computing is deemed more important than science, history and geography, with 69 per cent of those polled judging it a very important subject.

And sex and relationships education also ranks highly. More people think that it is very important to study this subject than value history, geography or modern foreign languages.

Read more at: https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-news/arts-subjects-are-seen-least-important-poll-shows

The potential of iPads in maths? The limit does not exist…

Smart devices enable students to learn at a pace suited to them and for teachers to deal with curveball questions. We need to push for all schools to offer this opportunity, writes Anthony McAleese, assistant head at The Mount School, York

As with the calculator, it will take time before the world catches up with technology. Cost is currently an issue – if the requirement is for a tablet. If we can take that interim step of allowing students to use their smartphones instead, then for most that problem is solved. We must not forget that smartphones such as the iPhone have been available for little more than a decade. Now we have students who own smartwatches with this capability on their wrist. How long can it be before it is available to all?

I believe this technology gives students the best access to education, builds links between the subject and reality and helps me develop their understanding. Not only will they achieve while at school, but also be better prepared for the modern world.

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