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Alumni from nine leading public schools are 94 times more likely to reach the elite than those who attended other schools.

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Alumni from nine leading public schools are 94 times more likely to reach the elite than those who attended other schools.

Analysis of 120 years of biographical data in Who’s Who shows those who went to a top public school are now 94 times more likely to be included in the UK’s ‘elite’

Granted unprecedented access to all 120 years of biographical data in Who’s Who, researchers from the London School of Economics calculated that the so-called Clarendon schools, which include Eton, Harrow, Rugby and Westminster, continue to produce nearly 10% of entrants. This is despite those schools having traditionally educated fewer than one in 500 (0.15%) of pupils aged between 13 and 18.

While their power was found to have diminished since the country’s establishment guide first published biographical data in 1897, they still hold “extraordinary power”, according to the study.

Nevertheless, the proportion of new entrants in Who’s Who from Clarendon schools and the 209 independent schools in the elite Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) has remained relatively constant over the past 16 years at 8% and 30% respectively, the study found. Alumni of “other” HMC schools are 35 times more likely to be a member of Who’s Who than those who went to non-HMC state and private schools.


The International Baccalaureate and Tes partner in new global resource-sharing hub for educators

Two of the world’s leading authorities in education, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Tes, the world’s largest community of education professionals with over 8 million registered users – including 100,000 IB educators – have announced a major new collaboration, which will see the launch of a resource-sharing service to help improve learning outcomes worldwide. 

The collaboration will combine the size, scale and credibility of the two prestigious organizations to support teachers in curating and sharing teacher-created resources and best practice in IB teaching and learning from across the world, via a dedicated education community hub. 

Dr Siva Kumari, Director General of the IB, commented: “Teachers in the IB community are known for their ethos of sharing best IB teaching practices generated across all age groups, in very diverse schools internationally. This collaboration will allow our already interconnected world to be more international than ever before.”