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Daily News Roundup - Increasing the number of vulnerable pupils being offered places at boarding school as an alternative to being taken into care

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The DfE is backing a move to increase the number of vulnerable pupils being offered places at boarding school as an alternative to being taken into care

A model many claim offers better outcomes for these young people, but will schools and local authorities tune into the idea – and is there any evidence they should? Jon Severs commissioning editor of Tes reports.

A number of independent boarding schools are offering places to children with a need to board. The model is called assisted boarding. Schools offer bursaries to children with a boarding need and local authorities and/or charities pick up the rest of the tab.

In general, a child is considered to have a boarding need if their capacity for normal happy development is compromised by seriously adverse circumstances at home.

These situations can arise through mental or physical illness, abuse, bullying, extreme poverty or the parent(s) simply struggling to cope. Some of the would-be beneficiaries are child carers. All pupils will be at risk of needing to be taken into LA care.

Students return to their families during holidays, or if that is not an option foster or alternative care is arranged.


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Theresa May to seek to form UK government

UK Election results: The gamble that settled nothing

Theresa May will visit Buckingham Palace at 12:30 BST to seek permission to form a new UK government, despite losing her Commons majority.

She is seeking to stay in office on the understanding that the Democratic Unionists of Northern Ireland will support her minority administration.

With one seat left to declare, the Tories are eight seats short of the 326 figure needed to command a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn has urged her to quit, saying Labour is "ready to serve".

After a disappointing night for the Conservatives, Theresa May faces ending up with 12 fewer seats than when she called the election and will need the support of other parties to govern.