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Making a UCAS Personal Statement Personal

For students applying to university through UCAS, arguably the most important part of their application is the Personal Statement. The opening sentences can make or break an application and have an Admissions Tutor either keen to read further or to deposit the application form on the reject pile. To keep him reading is to grab his attention straightaway and not use hackneyed or trite phrases such as “…I have always been passionate about…”, or ….what really fascinates me about this course is…”

You are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life: so it is important that you give solid reasons why you want to study a subject and that your A Levels are entirely suitable for your choice of degree. You should state that your academic track record and extra-curricular activities relate to the subject you are opting to study at undergraduate level, as this all helps a university to understand why you are a suitable candidate for the course. Admissions Tutors are very keen to know that you have the experience, skills and personality that would enable you to succeed on a three or four year course.

One golden rule to be followed is never, ever, stretch the truth about your voluntary work as it will inevitably come back on you. Think really carefully about how you are going to structure your Personal Statement so that it reads well, is truthful and is about you. This might take several drafts, but it is time well spent. Never forget that your application may be the only thing that an Admissions Tutor will base his decision on. Don’t try to be clever, but rather write a Personal Statement that is to the point, clear and that demonstrates what you can offer a university.

Never be tempted to plagiarise other student’s personal statements or purchase a ready-made one online, and if you require advice and help with any aspect of your University or Higher Education applications do contact Education Advisers Limited, who have an experienced and professional team of consultants.