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Should I Stay or Should I Go? - Considering a change at Sixth Form.

With GCSE revision reaching its climax, now is the most common time of year for both parents and students to question whether their current school is still the best fit. Has it fulfilled its promises, and is it still the right place for the crucial final step before the steps into adulthood? 

Most schools will be keen to keep their best and brightest and, for students, it's often easy to stick with the familiar rather than gamble with the unknown. It's a tricky decision that challenges a student’s self-awareness and courage - at a time when students are already sick to death of being put to the test!

Here, we offer a list of questions that can help parents and students consider whether it's best to stick with what they know, or start looking at other options.

Should I stay or should I go? Key questions:

  • Does my current school offer the right kind of curriculum? Am I better suited to A-level, IB, or maybe BTEC? Do I know what would suit me best?
  • If I'm aiming for a specific career or university pathway (i.e Medicine) does my current school offer the best possible facilities to support this? What is my school’s academic track and university progression record like in these specific subjects? Would I be better off in a 6th form that specialises in my preferred subject choices?
  • Would I fulfil my potential in a state school, or is it worth the push for independent education? How do my current school's results compare with these the top A-level Schools, or the Top Private 6th Form Colleges
  • If independent education is preferred, would I prefer a 6th form college, or a 6th form in a more traditional independent school?
  • What relevant academic enrichment opportunities does my school provide (debating, field trips, visits from external speakers)? 
  • Is there a satisfactory level of support with university applications at my current school? Have I already been well-advised on my 6th form subject and curriculum choices?
  • Will I now be treated like an adult? Does my school encourage the independent learning and level of responsibility I will need for university? Will I still have to wear a uniform? Does the school offer or allow more mature social activities?
  • Will a move into boarding help me prepare for independent university life, or should I enjoy the last couple of years in the family home?
  • Will I perform better amongst the familiar comfort of my current school and peers, or would a move reinvigorate my learning and life? Would a change be inspiring or disruptive?

Amongst the chaos of revision, please ensure you stop to think about the next step in your education. Your 6th form choice must provide the launch-pad onto a brilliant future, so make sure you have weighed up the options that best suit YOU. Always question what you think you know.

If you are lucky enough to be starting 6th form studies a year later in September 2020, then now is an ideal time to investigate alternatives without the distractions of exam revision. If you begin sixth form this September '19, it's not too late to consider a change.

Whatever your current situation, please contact us for a friendly chat and impartial advice with one of our experts. We're happy to talk through your considerations and advise accordingly.

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