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Sustained growth for the international schools’ sector

English-medium international schools enrol 5.6 million children around the world – up from 969,000 in 2000 – and all signs point to sustained global growth for the sector, the latest report by ISC Research has revealed.

Additionally, the number of international schools has increased more than fourfold in the period from 2000 to 2019, up from 2,584 to 10,937, the report showed.”

Demand is particularly high in Asia, but the research has highlighted several countries where significant growth is expected over the next few years.

“International school development in most countries is expanding at sufficient pace to satisfy the increasing demand for places, but a few countries have a serious shortfall, particularly China and Hong Kong,” Richard Gaskell, ISC Research schools director, told The PIE News.

“There are several countries where, in the near future, demand is expected to grow beyond current capacity.

“These include Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and The Netherlands. All signs suggest that the rate of global growth of international schools will continue,” he added.

The report suggested that over the next decade, the number of enrolments will reach 2.5 million in Western Asia, over a million in Eastern Asia and 851,000 in South-Eastern Asia.

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Parents to spend £180k more to live near one of England’s ‘outstanding’ secondary schools

There are many factors that come into choosing where to live, but with the new school year starting in September, it has been revealed many parents may move home to live near schools which have been rated as “outstanding.” New research has found that parents will have to face forking out a significant £180,116 just to live near one of England’s “outstanding” state schools. Online mortgage broker Trussle analysed the house premium people pay to live near an “outstanding” rated school, and the research found that buyers would face an additional cost of £180,000 to buy a home nearby.

The average house price in England is £247,0003 but parents face an extra £180,000 premium if they want to move close to one of these schools.

Trussle found the average asking prices in the same postcode areas as these schools stand at £427,116 – a staggering £180,116 (or 73 per cent) premium on top of the average English house price of £247,000

Founder and CEO of Trussle, Ishaan Malhi said: “It’s clear that the close proximity of a top-rated secondary school can have a significant impact on property prices in the local area. Living near to good schools is a priority for many parents - be it within the catchment area of certain schools or to reduce the amount of time ferrying children back and forth each day.

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