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Downe House School

Downe House School

Downe House is one of the UK’s leading girls’ boarding schools. The school occupies a spacious campus in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, about two hours from London. Downe House has long been the preferred school for the daughters of the UK’s aristocracy, many of whose brothers attend schools such as Eton and Radley. Facilities are excellent and girls have the opportunity to take part in a very wide range of activities. Academics are strong and results are consistently good.

Would Downe House be suitable for my daughter?

Downe House offers a complete boarding school experience on a beautiful campus in a safe, if somewhat isolated, location. Girls need to be academically strong and willing to take part in all that the school has to offer.

How can I apply to Downe House?

The main entry points to Downe House are at 11+ and 13+ with a number of places available for 6th form entry at 16+.  Please contact us for advice on entry to this and other selective schools.