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Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury School offers its students and parents an exceptional combination of heritage and forward-thinking vision, which is a hallmark of the very best independent schools in Britain.

For centuries considered one of the leading heritage boys’ schools, Shrewsbury School is now fully co-ed and thriving, with its 2018 exam results placing it in the top 10 of our co-ed boarding A-level league table.

Shrewsbury School’s large, beautiful and traditional campus sits in the historic county town of the same name, though the picturesque setting belies the school’s embracement of cutting edge technology. With a large cohort of primarily boarding students, Shrewsbury School naturally offers a full holistic education. However, its understated strides towards the upper echelons of the academic rankings indicates a well-rounded education is not achieved at the expense of academic focus.

Would Shrewsbury School be a good fit for my child?

Shrewsbury School welcomes a number of day and boarding students, and is often the independent school of choice for the region. Its large boarding contingent is a testament that British and international parents choose Shrewsbury School ahead of some of its more “conveniently located” competitors in the south east.

Boarders will need to be keen to embrace the full range of activities on offer, whilst also meeting the high academic demands of the school. Whilst not an academic “hothouse”, Shrewsbury School nevertheless aims to instil the kind of work ethic and duty to oneself that will serve students well in later life.

Shrewsbury School is therefore best suited for students with strong academic potential, a wide range of extra-curricular interests, and a keenness to respect, and become part of, the school’s celebrated heritage, culture, and global community.

How do I apply to Shrewsbury School?

As with all in-demand schools, you are best served to register interest early for the main entry points. Entry tests are rigorous and it is important students show a committed and sparky personality during interview.

Please do contact us to discuss your child’s current schooling, registration timelines, and whether Shrewsbury School would be a suitable fit for your child's needs, and your family’s educational objectives.