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Our League Tables show the highest performing independent schools in the UK based on the percentage of top grades awarded to students in 2021.

This year, students did not sit public examinations and grades were awarded by schools according to strictly controlled internal assessment criteria. Simply put, the grades were awarded by teachers. The latest grades based on actual examination results were awarded in 2019, of which we hold almost complete records which are available exclusively to our clients.

Whilst we are confident that the grades awarded in 2021 are a reflection of student achievement it is important to note that, in the case of a number of schools, the percentage of top grades varies considerably from the results obtained in previous years.

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2021 Results

# A + A* % Name Day/Board Boy/Girl Day £ Board £
1 97.90 St Paul's Girls' School Day Girls 28,389  
2 95.30 St Paul's School Both Boys 26,556 39,966
3 93.00 James Allen's Girls' School Day Girls 19,845  
4 92.00 Eltham College Day Boys (Co-ed 6th form) 19,671  
= 92.00 Putney High School Day Girls 19,827  
= 92.00 Alleyn's School, Dulwich Day Co-ed 21,375  
7 91.00 Channing School Day Girls 21,720  
= 91.00 Highgate School Day Co-ed 21,920  
9 90.30 Godolphin & Latymer School Day Girls 23,531  
10 87.70 University College School Day Boys (Co-ed 6th form) 21,891  
11 85.00 St Augustine's Priory Day Girls 16,974  
= 85.00 St James Senior Girls' School Day Girls 21,480  
= 85.00 Francis Holland School - Regent's Park Day Girls 21,450  
14 84.00 Notting Hill and Ealing High School Day Girls 19,590  
15 82.00 City of London School for Girls Day Girls 20,664  
16 81.90 Latymer Upper School Day Co-ed 21,459  
17 80.00 Francis Holland School - Sloane Square Day Girls 22,140  
= 80.00 St Dunstan's College Day Co-ed 19,068  
19 78.70 Queen's College - London Day Girls 20,685  
20 78.00 Sydenham High School GDST Day Girls    
21 77.90 Streatham & Clapham School GDST Day Girls    
22 75.70 Brampton College Day Co-ed 21,385  
23 75.40 Queen's Gate - Kensington Day Girls 22,230  
24 73.00 King Alfred School Day Co-ed 20,460  
25 72.00 Colfe's School Day Co-ed 18,300  
= 72.00 Blackheath High School Day Girls 17,139  
27 66.00 Ashbourne College Day Co-ed 28,500  
= 66.00 Mill Hill School Both Co-ed 22,830 36,900
29 65.00 North Bridge House Senior & Sixth Form Canonbury Day Co-ed 21,735  
30 64.50 St Benedict's School Day Co-ed 18,330  
31 62.00 Mander Portman Woodward - London Day Co-ed 30,756  
32 60.00 Forest School - London Day Co-ed 20,940  
33 57.00 Albemarle Independent College Day Co-ed 23,500  
34 56.00 DLD College London Both Co-ed 24,670 57,330
35 50.00 The Arts Educational School Day Co-ed 18,663  
36 44.00 David Game College Both Co-ed 24,540  

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This table lists independent senior schools in London based on 2019 A Level results. Rankings are based on the percentage of A Level entries awarded A* and A grades. Where students have been entered for Pre-U exams the tables include the percentage of Pre-U grades from D1-M1. To qualify for inclusion there must be a minimum of 20 students in the cohort.

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  1. We make every effort to obtain results for every independent school, but there are sometimes a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or because a school will not supply it. In most cases this applies to schools that would not appear in the top quartile of the table.
  2. Sometimes grades improve as a result of appeals or remarks and we may update the data periodically, as long it does not distort the results of schools which have not given us their remarks. We encourage all schools to supply corrections or additions by contacting us at
  3. Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school. Schools at the top of this table are very selective on their admissions. Be aware that your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment. Please contact us for advice on choosing the right school.
  4. We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.