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Hurtwood House - a top co-ed boarding school


Cardiff Sixth Form College - Top Independent School and Top 6th Form College


Hurtwood House

Sevenoaks - a top IB School

Sevenoaks - a top IB School

Tonbridge School - a top boys' boarding school

Tonbridge School - a top boys' boarding school


Brighton College - a top co-ed boarding school

wycombe abbey

Woldingham School


The Cheltenham Ladies' College - a top girls' boarding school

Top Sixth Form Colleges

It is more difficult to rank 6th form colleges than independent schools, because many of them do not release their results or they provide them in inconsistent formats. For this table, we have used the results (audited and unaudited) of those colleges, which are prepared to publicise them. We have simply taken the percentage of total A level entries, which were grades A* or A. Some colleges would argue that A level resits should be excluded, but perversely their inclusion can sometimes depress the overall average grades. We have not included GCSEs because many colleges do not offer them or focus either on resits or short term GCSE courses. Some colleges are very selective on entry criteria whereas others may specialise in taking students with previous poor exam performance in order to transform their results. Thus you may need to ask colleges about their added value performance. For these reasons we refer to this as a results table rather than a league table.

Please be aware that exam success is only one criterion in the search for a sixth form college. You are encouraged to read our free downloadable eGuide on how to select an independent sixth form college.

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Click on the arrows to the right of each column to reorder the table by category e.g. size of school fees, alphabetical order, exam scores etc.

A + A* % Name Day/Board Boy/Girl Day £ Board £
1 94.66 Cardiff Sixth Form College Both Co-ed 15,000 40,000
2 79.93 Concord College - Shrewsbury Both Co-ed 12,810 34,200
3 64.67 Hurtwood House - Dorking Both Co-ed 26,370 39,555
4 61.00 Abbey College - Cambridge Both Co-ed 27,300 41,500
5 56.64 Bellerbys College - Cambridge Both Co-ed
6 55.68 Cambridge Tutors College - Croydon Both Co-ed
7 55.25 D'Overbroeck's College - Oxford Both Co-ed
8 54.47 Bellerbys College - Brighton Both Co-ed
9 53.39 Bellerbys College - Oxford Both Co-ed
10 52.12 CATS College Cambridge Both Co-ed 24,660 41,630
11 51.30 Bosworth Independent College Both Co-ed 12,000 29,000
12 47.50 CATS College Canterbury Both Co-ed 18,750 35,850
13 47.00 Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College Day Co-ed 24,750
14 44.83 Albemarle Independent College - London Day Co-ed 19,500
15 44.80 Brampton College - Hendon Day Co-ed 17,635
16 41.27 David Game College - London Both Co-ed 17,600
17 35.21 CATS College London Both Co-ed 24,660 45,230
18 33.58 Abbey College - Manchester Both Co-ed 11,900 30,400
19 33.54 Mander Portman Woodward - London Day Co-ed
20 32.93 Fine Arts College Hampstead Day Co-ed
21 32.76 DLD College London Day Co-ed 19,000
22 32.69 Duff Miller College Day Co-ed
23 32.13 Chelsea Independent College Both Co-ed 20,950 45,600
24 32.00 Ealing Independent College Day Co-ed
25 31.22 Welbeck - Loughborough Boarding Co-ed
26 30.86 Cambridge Centre For Sixth Form Studies (CCSS) Both Co-ed 19,950 46,150
27 28.50 Rochester Independent College Both Co-ed
28 25.66 Collingham - London Both Co-ed 19,500
29 24.32 Lansdowne College Both Co-ed
30 22.22 Bath Academy Both Co-ed

Note 1. In the case of sixth form colleges there are quite a few gaps in our data, because the information is not freely available or the college will not supply it. In general colleges which refuse to supply results, seem to have something to hide and we suggest you ask them about their track record if you are considering them.

Note 2. However, exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a college (read our eGuide on selection factors click here). Indeed a few of the colleges in this TOP 30 table are quite selective on their admissions. Be aware your child may not necessarily thrive in a high pressure academic environment - take our advice.

Note: We make a substantial investment of time and effort in preparing these tables, and all copyright and database rights in the tables belong to us. Please respect this by not reproducing the tables or the information within them, in whole or in part, without our consent. If you wish to reproduce any of our tables or the information within them then please contact us for details.

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